Services – Mechanical Works

Where your plant inspections and water tests reveal a need to carry out overhaul or replacement of plant, Aqualogic will visit site and offer you a proposal to remedy the maintenance defects you have identified.
The areas Aqualogic specialises in are:

Installation of online disinfection equipment

We are experienced in dosing equipment for chlorine, chlorine dioxide, silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide and copper/silver ionisation. Every site is different and our knowledge means that we are able to recommend the correct system to correct the water quality issues identified by water testing and water inspections. On completion the work is guaranteed. Aqualogic’s proposal includes a maintenance and testing contract should you wish us to look after the equipment and test its efficacy.

Water tank replacement and refurbishment

Often located in difficult to access spaces and installed before standards reflected our understanding of the importance of water quality, water tanks are subject to corrosion and scaling, and often lack the safety features required under modern legislation. We will size the new water tank to meet the needs of the building population, balancing water demand and the requirement to reduce stagnation. We seek to minimise disruption and can almost always guarantee that your building population will not be without water outside working hours. Where any disruption is problematic, we can install temporary tanks to minimise interruption to supply. On completion Aqualogic will carry out a tank chlorination followed by tank tests as required.

Injection and system disinfection

Water tank cleaning and chlorination may be required under a programme of planned preventive maintenance, or may be a matter of emergency when water tests indicate high bacteriological activity. Tank cleaning and chlorination is less disruptive than disinfection of a building’s water services, but Aqualogic will always make sure to give notice of works with appropriate warnings. This ensures the minimum of inconvenience and problems such as air locks.

Calorifier and hot water cylinder descaling

A strong association between the growth of bacteria and scale within hot water tanks is known to contribute to poor water quality in buildings. Removal of scale with mild acid reduces considerably the risks posed by the often inaccessible surfaces of a hot water cylinder as well as improving energy transfer and reducing building costs. Where it is not possible to inspect the cylinder directly, Aqualogic can report on the internal condition by via opthalmoscope.

Closed system dosing

Modern boilers and closed system pipe work can be sensitive to the build up of scale and require high a level of protection from corrosion and bacteriological fouling. Our chemical formulations are tried and tested to give your system protection from these problems.

Pipework modifications and general plumbing

Where dead legs, blind ends or poor system design need to be altered we are able to work on copper, galvanised, and various plastic systems to rectify the system. Pipework needs to be insulated to reduce the possibility of bacterial growth and freezing, as well as energy loss. Aqualogic can insulate both internal and external pipework to the British Standard that applies. Outside pipework can be over layered with rubber sheet and other weatherproofing systems.