• Water System Maintenance

Aqualogic integrate water systems maintenance with the controls required to ensure the hygiene and safety of your pumps, hot and cold water tanks and associated pipework.

Developing an effective water system management programme entails several components; a major part of which is in the carrying out of regular inspections and water quality assessments to identify risks and mechanical problems before they develop.

Risk assessment is useful in identifying potential problems or areas of concern that should be addressed as part of your overall water system hygiene programme. This involves site visits, water sampling and testing, water services schemes and staff training.

Factors involved in maintaining a hygienic water system

A water system relies on a number of individual parts; each of which should be well maintained in order to ensure it meets a continually high level of hygiene. Your risk assessment will lead to the development of a written scheme that may address some of these factors, including:

Water tank cleaning and chlorination

Water tank cleaning and chlorination may be required under a programme of planned preventive maintenance, or may be a matter of emergency when water tests indicate high bacteriological activity. Tank cleaning and chlorination is less disruptive than disinfection of a building’s water services, but Aqualogic will always make sure to give notice of works with appropriate warnings.

Installation of online disinfection equipment

A higher level of protection from Legionella colonisation can be achieved with dosing  chlorine, chlorine dioxide, silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide and the use of copper/silver ionisation. Every site is different and our knowledge means that we are able to recommend the correct system to rectify any water quality issues identified during water testing and water inspections.

All work conducted by Aqualogic is guaranteed on completion and clients have the option of continuing with a maintenance and testing contract should they wish us to look after the equipment and test its efficacy.

To ensure the hygiene of your existing water system or to discuss the installation of disinfection equipment, please contact us.